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You Say That First!

You say that first!, (black steel matrix, 200 x 100 cm), 2018

You Say That First! reveals the many brutal and conservative matrices of production and reproduction of public discourse. Abandonement and reluctant dependence on a disappearing social state, public health care, medical staff.

You Say That First! offers a final public and artistic statement on the simultaneous state of being infected and infectious. It lingers in an assigned, demarking and overwhelming dimension, in a positive HCV status, in a life “unaffected”, untouchable, unprotected.

You Say That First! points to the social context where the position of the artist, precarious cultural worker, doesn’t provide an existence which allows self-financed treatment, but at the same time creats a network of social support which manages to find its own path to healing.

You Say That First! goes through the daily routine of sickness and healing. It opens the fragile and extremely unstable self-discipline of alternating feelings of suppressing and confronting, forgetting and dealing, negligence and focus. A constant shift between swallowing and defiance, helplessness and empowerment.

You say that first! is a rebellion against silence and rejection. A personal duty to all those who are still or will be in the position of a stigmatised diseased person.

Blue pill will cure me, (photo installation, 84 selfies taken every day, betwean 10 and 12.30, during the period of 12 weeks of therapy intake), 2018. [photo by Boris Burić]

Author: Katarina Popović
Producer: Ksenija Đurović
Sound Designer: Nikola Pavlović
Performer at the entrance: Ana Vuković
Exhibition is partly realised in Praksa makerspace with wholehearted help of Karkatag collective
Support: Station Service for contemporary dance

Thank you: Zoe Gudović and Reconstruction Women’s Fund, Jovana Rakić and all friends and colleagues for their long-term support and generous help.

Remont Gallery (April 2nd-27th 2018)